Why Optimum PAYE?

We are PAYE tax specialists who have the level of technical knowledge and practical experience to really add value to any business - without costing the earth !



Optimum PAYE, and the service we provide to employers, is based around four key components - Experience, Low Cost, Personal Service and Flexibility - a combination which we believe sets us apart from accountancy firms or general tax advisors.


Our founder and main consultant, Brian Rudkin, has specialised in employment taxation and PAYE related matters for more than twenty years and has a highly impressive CV to demonstrate the excellent credentials he has in this field.

Brian's career to date includes:

  • 4 years working for the Inland Revenue (which is now HM Revenue & Customs) in the late '80s and early 90's
  • 16 years as an employment tax expert within the accountancy professionBrian Rudkin of Optimum PAYE
  • 10 years working within the 'Big 4' which includes:
    • Senior management roles in the number one and number two firms in the world
    • Management and leadership of local and regional employment tax teams throughout Scotland
    • Part of the UK leadership teams in a number of key technical areas
  • Founding and building the business of Optimum PAYE in 2009

 As would be expected of someone with such a high pedigree, Brian has extensive experience in working with employers of all sizes across the UK, from one-man limited companies up to some of the biggest and best-known national and global employers

Brian has been a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians since 1999 and is a regular presenter at external tax technical and sector specific events.


Low Cost

Our competitors are mostly the very largest accountancy firms across the UK (the 'Big 4', 'Top 10' and a small number of others) on the simple basis that other firms cannot match the top-level employment tax expertise that we can provide to employers.

However, the majority of our competition are between 75 - 100% more expensive to hire than Optimum PAYE for PAYE related advice, and even higher in some cases,  To us, this is a 'no brainer' !

Personal Service

Unlike most other firms, we guarantee the personal service of a PAYE specialist at all times for the benefit of our clients:

  • Easy access to an expert - not just for 'sales' meetings
  • Stronger personal relationships
  • Clients get the right answer straight away
  • No junior staff 'learning on the job'



We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the needs of our clients as we really do appreciate and understand the challenges that employers are faced with.

Examples of where we take a completely flexible approach include:

Fees - we offer a wide range of fee options for clients including fixed fees, contingency (e.g. based on a percentage of tax savings), volume related discounts, Pay-As-You-Go, monthly contract (retainer) or the more standard consultancy per hourly rates,

Location - although Scotland and the North of England is our local marketplace, we are not restricted by geography and are happy to meet with clients all over the UK. No matter the location, venue or time we are willing to be flexible to meet the needs of existing (or future) clients.

Size of client -  we are as happy dealing with one man limited companies as we are for multi national employers so size does not matter to us. We adapt our services and approach to fit in with the specific requirements of each particular client.



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