What Optimum PAYE Does

We provide specialist PAYE related tax advice to employers and accountancy/legal firms throughout the UK but predominently across Scotland and the North of England



Overview of Our Services

In simple terms, we use our extensive tax knowledge and practical experience to help employers:

1) With PAYE compliance matters, i.e. to:

  • File the correct end-of year-returns to HMRC in relation to staff payments and benefits
  • Deduct and pay to HMRC the correct PAYE and National Insurance Contributions on payroll and non-payroll items
  • Reduce the risk of mistakes being made and severe tax penalties arising
  • Resolve the problems when things go wrong
  • Resist a challenge when HMRC thinks things have gone wrong !


PAYE compliance v planning - a balancing act

2) PAYE tax planning to:

  • Pay and reward employees as tax efficiently, and as effectively as possible
  • Reduce the payroll spend of the business
  • Improve the business' standing as an attractive place to work


Specific areas we can advise on are detailed within Services


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