5. What is Optimum PAYE's USP (Unique Selling Point)?

Although there are other firms out there that can provide similar services to ourselves, our offering is unique, certainly North of Manchester and across all of Scotland, as there is not one other firm that we know of that can match ALL of the three key components we offer, i.e.

1) The highest level of experience.

Senior management roles in the two biggest accountancy firms in the world, coupled with the most complex of clients and issues that come with this over the years, is very, very hard to match in terms of adding value to clients. Being in the business for donkeys years does not necessarily mean that someone is an expert - although we can tick that box as well.


2) The most competitive rates for the level of experience we offer.

The very biggest firms who may have comparable experience will be anywhere between 75-100% more expensive if not more, and anyone significantly undercutting us on fees is unlikely to have the level of expertise they claim to have!


3) Personal service of a specialist at all times.

This is rare in our main competition, i.e. the largest accountancy firms, as it is most common for Senior Managers to delegate day to day work on a client to junior staff who are 'learning the trade' and as a way of maximising profits.


There may of course be some firms out there that may be able to match (or dare we say it beat us) in one of the above areas. But not all three!!