This heading covers a multitude of things we can help clients with, many of which will crossover with some of the other services explained here on our website.

Every single employer in the UK provides staff with benefits and/or makes expenses payments to some extent or another and there are many pitfalls and issues to consider around this many, but not all, of which centre around taxation. Whether the objective is getting the right mix of benefits for the workforce, or ensuring that tax efficiencies are maximised or keeping expense processes as straight forward and robust as possible, there is lots we can do to add value to employers and professional firms in this space.


What support can Optimum PAYE provide ?

  • Staff Benefits
    • Advise on tax reporting methods and processes for taxable benefits(see also P11D Dispensations and PAYE Settlement Agreements)
    • Identify and advise on appropriate tax efficient benefit arrangements (see also salary sacrifice/ flexible benefits and Tax Efficient Reward Structure and Staff Incentivisation sections)
    • Review the effectiveness of current staff benefits
    • Undertake a comprehensive employee benefits review
    • Advise on specific benefit arrangements, e.g. company cars, pensions, etc
    • Adhoc queries on benefits provided to staff, e.g. in terms of taxability
  • Expenses
    • Undertake a comprehensive expenses review
    • Analyse current expenses spend to identify potential savings opportunities
    • Consider parameters for tax exempt expense payments and negotiate favourable agreements with HMRC where appropriate
    • Implementation of robust processes and procedures for employee expense payments
    • Expense policies (see also Development of Staff or HR Policies section)
    • P11D Dispensation and PAYE Settlement Agreements (see separate section)
    • Staff training including materials, e.g. flowcharts, guidance notes etc (see also Staff Training section)
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