Keeping staff mobile is a costly business for most employers, regardless of whether company cars are provided, employees use their own cars for business travel or public transport is used.

It is not just managing costs that employers have to worry about though, there are a whole host of other issues that employers need to contend with when providing cars or paying travel costs to staff. First and foremost complying with the various tax rules on company cars and employee travel including the laborious exercise at year-end time completing forms P11D correctly. Then there is health and safety legislation to consider, reliability, company profile, employee satisfaction, effective procurement of providers, fuel policies, expenses policies and environmental issues to name a few others that can cause employers many a sleepless night or problem in the office.

This is certainly an area where an experienced advisor can really add value to the employer's business through helping to minimise risks and reducing spends of the the business.


What support can Optimum PAYE provide ?

The following is an example of what we can, and are often asked to do, on behalf of clients:

  • Company car scheme review (looking at risks and opportunities to improve all or individual areas of the car scheme, e.g).
    • Vehicle choice
    • Financing/payment structures
    • Fuel
    • Employer/employee taxation
    • Vehicle replacement
    • Flexibility
    • Internal policies
    • Administration
    • Outsourcing opportunities
    • Procurement of vehicle/service providers
  • Company car scheme design(including all the above areas)
  • P11D support for reporting company car and fuel benefits to HMRC
  • Onsite Company Car Clinic for employees
  • Policies and processes advice in relation to employees using own cars for business travel
  • Travel and subsistence policies and processes
  • Permanent/Temporary Workplace review
  • Travel cost review (to identify areas of cost leakage or savings opportunities)
  • Salary sacrifice advice in relation to travel/subsistence costs and/or company cars. See our salary sacrifice support page for more information on this.
  • Travel expenses tax review (focusing specifically on tax compliance and planning issues)
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