Having robust and up-to-date policies for everything to do with staff payments is an absolute must for every employer, regardless of size, if they wish to remain compliant with all legislation including employment tax. See our article specifically relating to staff expenses policies for reasons why.

However, we understand that for many employers, updating or introducing policies and procedures for this, that and everything is usually low priority compared to some of the other important aspects of running their business. Even so, this is too important an area to overlook, especially in relation to PAYE compliance as the employer is usually in a very poor bargaining position if HMRC challenge errors that arise from a lack of, or outdated, policies.

We normally provide input on staff policies in conjunction with other services such as follow-up PAYE Risk Review work but we can provide this service as stand-alone if necessary as well.


What support can Optimum PAYE provide ?

  • Draft new policies in line with the employer's requirements, all areas of legislation and best practice. Examples of policies we can draft include:
    • Staff expenses
    • Relocation
    • Staff secondments
    • Redundancy and terminations
    • Company car
    • Travel and subsistence (including driving private cars on business)
    • Home working
    • Engagement of self employed workers
  • Advise on, or update, existing policies (as above)
  • Advise on robust procedures to work alongside policy documents for maximise effect
  • Provide off-the-shelf policy documents for the employer to 'tweak' *

* There are two key warnings we would give if any employer asks us to provide off-the-shelf documents for them to be "let loose" on:

  1. It is absolutely vital that a policy is not only 100% relevant to the business using it but is also technically sound from a tax and other legislative point of view. These off-the-shelf documents are not the finished article for any employer and so it really needs someone who knows what they are doing to make this into a robust and reliable policy document
  2. Don't think that because they are "off-the-shelf" that they are cheap. There will be a lot of intellectual property contained within these documents and so we will always charge a commercial rate which will usually not be that much cheaper than if we were asked to draft a bespoke document for the client.
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