Occasionally an employer or a professional firm may need more than a little help on employment tax matters e.g. on a larger project or at tax year-end time, but simply do not have the resources available to manage this in-house.

Obviously in such a situation we would be more than happy to provide assistance on a consultancy basis to the organisation. However, if the input required from us was likely to be significant, i.e, weeks rather than days, then the consultancy fees would not be long in racking up.

It could be much more cost effective in these situations for a formal short-term secondment to be arranged so that one of our consultants works within the organisation for the project or period alongside existing finance or tax staff. It can also help to get things done more quickly (thus reducing costs) and such an arrangement can also help us to get a really good understanding of how the organisation operates which will help us to offer better advice to the client in the long term.


What support can Optimum PAYE provide ?

Typically the support we offer in this areas consists of:

  • The services of an experienced employment tax specialist for a set period of time
  • Complete flexibility in how our specialist is utilised while on secondment, i.e. this would be at the sole discretion of the client albeit our specialist would obviously make recommendations on the most suitable approach
  • A fixed daily/weekly fee much lower than our normal consultancy rates
  • The same high level of professional expertise, guarantees and protection that we would normally provide as external consultants
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