Employment taxation is a very specialist subject with many layers of complexity and it is often the case that an employer or professional firm does not have the in-house expertise to be 100% certain on a complex employment tax issue. This is true of even the largest of firms, many of which may have in-house tax experts but not necessarily with deep enough knowledge of PAYE related issues to be able to "sign-off" a particular matter.

Many employers or advisors are in the habit of seeking a second opinion from HMRC but we always advise against this for the simple reasons that a) HMRC is not always correct and b) HMRC's default position is to tax everything that moves and so the "advice" they provide is not always impartial. See one of our blog's for more on this.

We are happy to say that, although our Second Opinion Service is not free unlike HMRC's, ours is completely accurate, commercially focused and also impartial !


What support can Optimum PAYE provide ?

We can support employers and professional firms through our Second Opinion service by:

  • Acting as a sounding board to talk through the mechanics or main points of a particular issue before the client proceeds or makes the intended payment. This is usually done by telephone on an as- and- when basis or can be done in a face-to-face meeting where the issue is particularly complex
  • Providing verbal feedback on the tax position of a planned or historic staff payment or arrangement to provide an extra layer of comfort
  • Providing formal, written, "sign-off" of a planned or historic staff payment or arrangement concerning the employment tax position
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