Optimum PAYE Business Sectors

Our services may be of interest to any organisation with employees and all professional firms or staff benefit providers with employers as clients



There are very few businesses that Optimum PAYE cannot help or add value to - sole traders and partnerships being the usual suspects (as they have no employees to which PAYE legislation applies). So what type of businesses do we work with ?


We advise many employers, particularly those who:

  • Have between one and 2 million employees - we didn't say a million as that would exclude the NHS
  • Pay employees salary or wages - this surely covers all employers
  • Provide any benefits to employees - maybe not all employers, but certainly many
  • Are based in Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales - or anywhere really but are doing business within the UK - covers all the bases we think
  • Do not wish to break the law as far as PAYE tax compliance is concerned - thankfully the vast majority
  • Wish to save some money - again, many fall into this category at the moment

Hopefully we are painting a picture here that we can be of assistance to all employers no matter how big or small or what type of business it is or which sector it operates in or where in the Uk it is based. Basically if you have employees we can help !

Professional Firms and Staff Benefit Providers

Many businesses make a living by advising employers or providing them with a service. Where such advice or service involves staff pay or benefits there will almost certainly be PAYE and National Insurance issues to consider along the way.

We offer a business to business service to such businesses who do not deal with PAYE tax issues day to day and who require specialist input from someone more experienced on the tax side. Organisations who we advise in this way include:

  • Accountancy firms
  • Book-keepers
  • Legal firms
  • VAT boutique firms and other tax advisors
  • Pensions advisors and providers
  • Flexible benefit and salary sacrifice providers
  • Company car and van providers
  • Business advisory/support companies



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