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Optimum PAYE is a boutique employment tax consultancy providing a level of tax expertise to rival the biggest accountancy firms but at much lower cost


Important Note:

Optimum PAYE no longer operates as a business. Further information and contact details if you are looking for employment tax or staff reward advice can be found on the Contact Us page.


How Can Optimum PAYE help you?

We specialise in helping EMPLOYERS, ACCOUNTANTS, LEGAL FIRMS and EMPLOYEE BENEFIT PROVIDERS to manage PAYE compliance, to reduce employment tax risk and to pay employees as tax efficiently as possible.

Read on if you are simply looking for some general employment tax related infomation or a heads-up on a specific PAYE or National Insurance issue. There is plenty of free information and commentary in the Articles and Blog sections of this website which we hope is of use to you.

Contact us if your business, or your client's business, is currently going through an HMRC PAYE audit or inspection, if there are specific PAYE compliance issues that need addressing within the business or you are simply needing some general PAYE advice or looking to reduce payroll spends. We would welcome the opportunity to arrange a free initial consultation without obligation to discuss your situation with you and to understand how we can help you.

Speak to us if you currently use a 'Big 4' or 'Top 10' accountancy firm for employment tax advice but would prefer to pay less fees, not more each year or project. Or you are a professional firm who needs some additional support but don't want to involve the "big boys" and their big fees. We are confident that we can offer and provide at least the same level of expertise of these big firms but at much better value for money for your business or clients.



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Optimum PAYE works with employers to reduce settlements (including tax and penalties) demanded by HMRC in their relentless pursuit of  collecting  tax through compliance visits.

In a nutshell, we can:

  • devise effective remuneration strategies,
  • advise on your administration of the PAYE system,
  • review areas of possible vulnerability, or
  • fight your corner during an HMRC inspection


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